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What is ADA Compliancy & WCAG Compliancy?

ADA compliance refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design, which states that all electronic and information technology (like websites) must be accessible to people with disabilities

  • We provide a AI powered widget that will make sure your website is AI compliant at all times and allow users to adjust your site, based on their disabilities.
  • Helps avoid a lawsuit by keeping your site ADA Compliant ( See link https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/07/dominos-supreme-court.html)
  • Prevents potential loss of leads from customers with disabilities because your site is accessible to them

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is developed through the W3C process in cooperation with individuals and organizations around the world, with a goal of providing a single shared standard for web content accessibility that meets the needs of individuals, organizations, and governments internationally.

The WCAG documents explain how to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities. Web “content” generally refers to the information in a web page or web application, including:


  • natural information such as text, images, and sounds
  • Code or markup that defines structure.
why become compliant?

How Does ADA & WCAG Compliancy Help Me?

ADA & WCAG Compliancy can help your business in several ways. First , you won’t be unknowingly discriminating against people with disabilities. People will feel welcomed when they can see that your website can be adjusted to be more friendly towards disabilities. Second , you will avoid potential multiple lawsuits, dominos pizza knows all about it. 

Google likes websites that are following compliancy and doing what they can to make their website more user friendly towards people with disabilities. With that said, sites that are compliant are favored by the search engines. It is definitely going to improve your ranking and traffic to do this. 

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So what are you waiting for? Get Compliant today

How Do We Help Make Your site Compliant?

How Do We Help Make Your site Compliant?

We utilize an AI powered widget that is always running on your site. The widget can be used by users to adjust your site to suit their needs and disabiltiies when surfing your website. This makes their navigation much easier. For more details please visit


There are three steps to get compliant

  1. Purchase your access
  2.  Generate the code
  3. Install the code on your website’s <head> section
choose your plan

Current Sale Going On For A Limited Time $249.99 For Lifetime Compliancy

Normally we charge monthly and yearly and it is based off of views of your site. But for a limited time if you follow this link below, you can get the widget and access to it for life. We will also install it for you ( Optional). We also will change the alt text of the description of your images ( If Required) 

Get it today. This link below is for the sale price. 

This link right below for the limited time offer of lifetime compliancy for1 payment of  $249.99


    ADA Compliancy Tune Up

    The widget solves most problems but there are some issues that the widget won’t cover. Such as renaming the alt description on images. There are somethings that require manual work to be done and then the widget maintains the rest. We can do an audit report and find what is wrong and then fix those things for you for a small fee of $99.99. You get a report generated that shows the issues your site has that is preventing it from being 100% compliant. Then we fix those issues. The $99.99 covers the cost of fixing all the issues the free reports discovers. 

    Other platforms charge a monthly fee of between $99 and $1000 per month for the widget. We provide it at this one time for a one time price , lifetime, of $249.99