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Why Is Your Own Online Menu System Important?

Simply said, with the third party online order systems that currently exist, they take 30%. That is all your profits. You then are making food just to break even. Doesn’t make much sense. It is better to have your own system where customers can go on your site, choose menu items and order them for take out or delivery.

How Does The Menu System Work?

Customers will simply go on your website and find the menu, click on it. Then they can choose menu items they want to order, they can checkout, choose if they want delivery or takeout and complete their order and pay.

It is up to you if you want to do delivery or takeout. You will need to hire some drivers if you want to offer delivery. 

We design and get the system ready for you. You will be able to access a backend area of the system to see orders, fullfill them, mark them as done, etc.

You have three options for being notified of new orders. Through SMS text message, email or a phone call. Either way, once you know, you can accept the order from the dashboard and then mark it as completed, once the order is done.

It is efficient and you get to keep all your profits.

How Long Does It Take To Create The System?

If you provide us with the content we need ( Menu items, prices, pictures), then we can have it done within 72 hours. The cost is affordable and we take no commissions from you.

What is the cost?

The cost is affordable and reasonable and is 1 time. We don’t take a percentage of your business. You pay and hire your own drivers and if you want to not offer delivery you can just have an online take-out system for take out customers..

What Are The Benefits of Having My Own System?

We would say the biggest benefit is that you can keep the 30% that you would be giving to a third party company and this will reduce costs on such a system so much that you will see how this actually increases your profits by being able to tap into a market that you werent tapping into before. Only this time you aren’t gviving away 30%,  you are just paying the drivers and if you have no drivers then you can offer take out only and it won’t cost you a dime. .

Are There Any Additional Costs?

No, it is a one time flat fee. We don’t come back and ask for commissions. We teach you how to use the system and that is it.