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Restaurant Menu With Free Online Ordering - Includes Website if you don't have one - accept take out or dine in, accept payments online, Stop paying 30% commissions and pay a flat fee to use this service monthly with no limits!

Online Menu

Get more customers, more sales, join the modern world, improve your business. You don't have to fail during the pandemic, just change your flow a bit. We will create a menu and add it to your existing site. We will setup everything for you and all you have to do is login to the dashboard ( we will teach you how to do that) accept orders and fullfill them. Enjoy the extra sales!

Take out

We can setup either dine in or take out. For take out, you can have your menu so people can choose their items, they can checkout and pay. Then they can go and pick up their food. No fuss!

Dine In

We can setup a QR code for your menu to have them at tables for people who dine in. Then they can scan the QR code and be taken to your online menu. They can even pay from the table if they wish.


Delivery is definitely an option. The only thing is you will have to hire your own delivery drivers. What are the advantages to that? You know who your driver is and your customers know that it is someone who works directly for you. Then that gives added peace of mind to your clients.

Payment System

You will connect your own payment system for online payments. We don't have to see it , you do that all from the dashboard that we will provide you with, so that you can set that up. We can definitely walk you through the process and we do have videos you can watch to walk you through it as well.

Loyalty Rewards/Gift Cards

We can also provide you with a system where you can reward your customers iwth loyalty points towards redeemable items and you can also create gift cards that people can buy from you.

No Limitations

We have no limits on how many orders you take. For you that means a lot. With the 3rd party companies that help restaurants with providing this service, they charge up to 30% so on $6000 in orders that is $1800. With us it's only $350 per month, flat fee that never goes up or down. You know what to expect and it isn't gauging. You save money

Take your first order in 24 hours

We can have this all setup for you within the next 24 hours. That is how dedicated we are to serving you , to help the restaurant industry make it through these new times of COVID.


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